Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Instant GHEWAR. With corn rabdi on top

Instant ghever with corn rabdi on top
Bread pieces-6
Cardmom powder-1/4tsp
Oil for fry
 bread slices, I use brown bread( you can also use white bread) cut its edges, then cut In rounds with the help of cutter or bowl(katori) then cut it from the centre as shown in picture with the help of cold drink bottles
boil corn kernel.grind with little milk  and sugar to smooth
Now in a sauce pan add milk,corn paste,cardamom powder and saffron, cook it till reduced to ¼ and made thick
Fry bread in hot oil till brown and crispy
Drain etc oil in towel cloth.
Dip in thin sugar syrup u can skip it
Now take crisp bread slices, spread rabdi on it .and cover it wit other piece of bread.
Spread rabdi with thick layer and garnish with chopped almond and pistachios  slices

Now garnish ghevar with silver varak

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