Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Barbeque Peas......winter sepcial

 This dish i saw on T.V.when i saw so easy and innovative recipe i can not resist myself to try it As the name of the dish it is not cook in barbecue.it is so simple with less ingredients. in winter season we have the best veg is fresh peas.i think every body like this veg in any form.this i hope this  dish is also like by u .though i tried for 1st time so i start with less quantity
green peas with shells----20
chat masala -2tsp
salt to taste
lemon juice-4tsp
Take fresh and peas with full of dana.
Peel the peas shell from one side.do not take out the mattar dana.

Mix salt and chat masala .
Fill this masala in each shell.

Add little lemon juice to each shell
Pour little lemon juice on the top so that it will not dry
Microwave it for 30sec to 1 minute according to the tenderness of peas.
It is ready to eat .
Take whole piece and eat it Try it it is really yummy in winter season

Eat hot ......

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