Thursday, September 10, 2015

Custard. Burfi


Custard Powder - 1 cup ( I used vanilla flavoured)
Sugar -21 /2cups
Water-3cups if need more add
Almond flakes

Ghee - 3 tblspn


Take a heavy bottom pan, add in custard powder, sugar and water, Mix well so now lumps are formed..

Now put this on high heat and keep whisking till it is thick, glossy and jelly like.

Now use a spoon to mix and put the heat on medium heat.

Add a tblspn of ghee and keep mixing..

After 3 mins add another tblspn of ghee and mix well.

Now it will get thick and non sticky. Add in another tblspn of ghee and keep cooking.

At one stage the halwa will leave the sides of the pan. at that point add in almond flacks and mix well.

The halwa will look non sticky, it will leave the pan, it will be thick and glossy, and the ghee will ooze from the sides of the pan.

At this point pour this into a greased pan and set it for 1 hours.or see it when set

Once it is set, cut it into any shape u like

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