Saturday, September 22, 2012

choclate coated peach in choclate cup

sending to DELMONTE CARNIVALWorld Foody

 dark chocolate-1 bar
 cream-2 tbsp
 delmonte canned peach-4

 melt the chocolate n microwave and pour in the paper cup coated it with chocolate so make cup. put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or till it is set. heat chocolate in a pan add 1tsp cream and melt it.mix it well .coat the peach in this batter.keep aside now

  unmould the chocolate cup pour the cream chocolate paste than coated peach .garnish with cream and top with chocolate.

 it is different and yummy for those who love chocolate

sending to delmonte carnival


  1. hi santosh, how are you doing? my net went wrong for 3 weeks- they checked but never see what was the ok. wow, i love chocolates this is super delicious with peach inside. how did you do the choc cup. have a nice day dear

  2. wonderful recipes!! loved this one..i'll try it and see how my kide react to it!! will let u know..

  3. Lovely recipe. Would love to try this