Monday, July 30, 2012

Moong dal chila....stuffed with paneer


half spilited moong dal-150gm

paneer 100gm


onion-1 chopped

coriander leaves

salt to taste

oil for fry


soak dal for 4-5 hours.grind it in mixer with little water.add salt.keepaside

crumble paneer in a bowl.add greenchili ,onion ,coriander leaves and mix well.add salt to taste.

heat non stick griddle or pan.apply little take 0ne tbsp of moong batter and spread it like dosa. fry on both sides ,now spread mixture of paneer&and fold it like dosa. fry it till crisp.

Ready to with sauce or green chutney.........

sending to spotlight-healthy snack/appitizer

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chilled Mango Cream with Biscuit Crust



merry biscuits--10


fresh cream-200gm

sugar---acoordig to mango taste


wash mangoes .peel it.cut into small pieces.

crush biscuit ad butter and make like bread crumbstake serving bowl and make 1layerand refrigerate for 2-3 hours.dissolve gelatin in warm water.whip cream and add gelatinin add mango in this cream and mix well. pour this batter on crushed biscuit.refrigerate it overnight or till it is set.

Eat chilled mango in summer........

sending to the event -ice cream

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Watemelon Granita

this is another week ofblog hope wednesday started by i am paired with Archna.i visited many times on herblog. she has wonderful space with baking and innovative recipes.
i like many recipes but choose this bec i have watermelon in fridge and i think in summer it is refreshing visit her blog to enjoy very delicious recipes
i here make some changes.i make it a fusion.i serve it with semiyapaysam and ice-cream

watermelon cubes-2cups
sugar-3/4 cup
lemon juice-1tsp

grind all the ingredients in mixer and make a smooth paste freeze in fridge overnite.
scoop out and serve accordingly......

sending to Radhika blog hope wednesday

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lasagna.......Upma in twist

this is the twist dish of upma. i saw it in T.V. with simple upma we make is easy and taste is different but yummy.
dosa batter-1cup
tomato-2tbsp chopped
green chili
potato dosa subji-1cup
coconut chutney Method
heat the non-stick griddle and spread dosa batter.noe sread onion ,tomato green chili on top of it and apply little oil.
it is thick as upma and fry on both sides.
when cool take a round cutter and cut upma in tree four pieces.

now take round holder both side open.insert one pieceof round upma and apply 2tsp potao veg on it do the same process for three times. press it and seprate from the hoder .

decorate with coconut chutney on top and serve......

we can use any other mix veg for stuffing instead of potato subji.

sending to Divya