Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ellu poorna kozhukattai...SNC CHELLANGE

this is another month of trying southindian dish. this recipe i want to try but affraid wether i make it or not. i try my best but it does not come out perfectly. i am thankful toVirunthu Unna Vaanga Vijiarmaraj  for sharing this recipe . as she has a wonderful space with different recipes and mostly southindian recipes are super. i think every one visit her blog and see the good collection of recipes. we never forget the master mind behind this challenge Divya
i am the part of northindian group

rice flour-1cup
salt pinch of
seas am seeds-1/4 cup
coconut powder-1/4 cup
jaggery-i cup
green cardamon-1/2 tsp

roast seasam seeds . here i used white seasam seeds bec i did not find black til.grind half the seeds and half used as it is.heat 1 tbsp water add jaggery to it. when boil stain it in stainer so impurities are left. again put on fire add coconut when jaggery becomes forthy on top switch off the fire and seas am seeds and green cardamon powder. mix well and cool it
boil 1cup water with oil and salt. add this water to rice flour and knead a smooth dough.
leave it for 15 minutes.
make small balls. flatten on ur palms and make small chapati. fill the filling in centre and fold other side .seal all the sides. we can make it like modak
now take a idli tray and steamed for 10-12 minutes in steamer
serve hot......

sending to SNC challenge