Monday, June 8, 2015

Corn halwa

This recipe i saw in Priya's easy N tasty recipes .I bookmark it bec we make rava and wheat flour halwa but never heard of cornmeal and being punjabi we used cornmeal oftenly in our daily food. Iwas s tempting to see this baht.Though Priya has so many recipes which can be bookmarked.She has   bundle of innovative recipes.I made little change to make  on fireinstead of microwave.

sugar-3/4 cup
saffron leaves few soak in water
milk or water-1cup
dry fruits-almond chewnut raisins
Heat ghee in kadie and fry the cornmeal  .When aroma  is comig or ghee comes out it means it is fried add sugar and water.When thicken add khoya, saffron water and dryfruits.Iused khoya which enhance the taste like moong dal halwa.
yummy cornmeal bhat is ready to eat.