Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cashew Pakoda.........SNC challenge

this is another month of SNC challenge started by Divya. we enjoy it very much. this month challenge is given by Priya Suresh. Priya  does not need any introduction she is the fastest in this group in posting the recipe. her blog is full of different ,innovative recipes. i like this pakora another version of pakoda. its smell of mint and curanchyness of cashew are wonderful.
nirthindian group

rice flour-1/3 cup
corn flour-1/4cup
fennel seeds--2tsp
cashew--1/2 cup
garlic--3-3 cloves
mint--few leaves
green chili-2 chopped finely
oil for fry-+2tps in batter
salt to taste

mix all the flours.
 grind fennel seeds and garlic coarsely. add mint leaves and grind  coarsely.
mix grind mixture in flours.add green chili. add 2tsp hot oil to this batter. add little water to wind it. it is hard batter .

heat oil in a wok. fry pakoda in this oil till brown.
crunchy pakoda is ready
eat with green chutney and cup of tea............

sending to Priya