Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Mava (khoya)Ghujiy .......holi sepcial

I am happy to be hosting this challenge. Thanks to Divya for giving me this opportunity.It is my suggestion to al my friends that we all members participate in every event bec it is the main purpose of this event so that we intract with each other and share our views. waiting for ur response.

I am writing Ghujjiya recipe for my south indian friends. I chose this recipe because this March month is the month of Holi festival. In North India, especially in U.P., two dishes are prepared in every household which are: Ghujiya and Gajar (Carrot) ki kanji. I learned this recipe from my friends in Rae-bareli (U.P.). A couple of days before the Holi festival, we all friends used to get together in one house and prepare these dishes. It used to be fun time with friends and their families. Hope you will also like this.
Let me also take this opportunity to wish you all a "Happy and Safe Holi" in advance.

I am from northindian group


mava(khoya)-200 gm
grated coconut--1/2 cup
chironji or almond flakes-1/4 cup
raisins-1/2 cup
powdered sugar - 200 gm
cardamom powder-1/2 tsp

ghee or oil -2/3  cup
oil for frying


Fry khoya in a pan till brown, add coconut, chironji, raisins,cardamon  and powdered sugar to it. Keep this mixture aside which be used as filling for Ghujiya later.

Take maida in a bowl , add hot  oil/ghee to it.  Rub with your hand and mix well.Knead with water to a smooth dough. cover with wet cloth for 1/2 an hour.

Make sealant of maida and water

Now take small ball of this dough and roll very thin small chapati with the rolling pin .take katori to make round chapati
Place the filling mixture in between.  Apply sealant on half side of chapati. Fold and seal it tightly  use fork to seal it and design also. use ghujiya mould available in market.

 Prepare all the ghujiyas and cover it with thin wet cloth.

Heat oil in a pan. Do not over heat. Fry ghujiya till light brown and they are ready.

These ghujiyas can be stored for 7-15 days in an air-tight box.

Re-heat in microwave for every serving.

happy holi to all my friends