Sunday, March 1, 2020

Strawberry katori filled with amu butter a d contense milk

Strawberry  Breadcrumbs katori Filled with strawberry  Amul Butter  Cream

Prep time-20 minutes
Cooking time-15 minutes

For katori:)

1 cup Strawberry puree

2tbls cup Sugar

3tbls Amul condense milk

1 cup Bread crumbs

3 tablespoon Kaju crushed

2 tbsp Coconut powder

For Strawberry Condensed Milk Butter Cream:)
3 tblsButter
4tbls Amul condense  milk
1 tbls strawberry  sauce


Heat pan add strawberry puree boil for 2-3minuges.
Add sugar and boil till get thick
Add condensed milk.
Add kaju and coconut
Add breadcrumbs and mix bell
Cook till all are it
Take muffin mould and fill with this batter
and make like katori empty in middle.
Condensed milk butter cream:)
butter  needed soft but still cold .and
Whip till light and fluffy.
Add chilled condensed milk and strawberry  sauce whip for 2 minutes till combined.
Now fill the strawberry  katori with this whipped  butter condensed milk cream
Serve at room temperature.
Condense milk and burter cream is yummy  in taste.