Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dosa Crepes........leftover dish

I had idli batter in my fridge .i want to make breakfast next day with different recipe. I soak dals in night. grind it with idli batter.and making dosa crepes adding onion carrot tomato. it is tasty and use of leftover.

idli batter-2cups
chana dal-1/2 cup
tur dal-1/2 cup
wheat rawa-2tbsp(optional)
onion-1 chopped
 carrot-1 grated
coriander leaves
green chili-1 chopped
tomato-1 cut into small pieces
salt to taste
soak chana dal and tur dal for 2-3 hours. grind with idli batter. add rawa to it. add salt.
mix onion ,carrot ,tomato ,coriander leaves and reen chili.
Heat non stick tawa ad grease with oil. take 2 tbsp  batter and spread on tawa not very thin.
spread onion mixture on it

 . use little oil and roast it on both sides.
eat with coconut chutney.....

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dates Walnut Banana Eggless Sugarless Cake With Awards

This cake is made from best out of waste i saw dates in my fridge syrup of jaggrray some apples. I think to make cake from all the ingredients.Iused them and the result is fabulous Uall can try it .It is good in taste and healthy.

ashirwad multigrain atta-1/1/2 cups
walnut-1/2 cup
dates syrup-or jaggray -1cup or according to sweetnss
cinnamon powder-1/4 tsp
dry ginger-1/4 tsp
milk 1cup
oil-1/2 cup
 baking soda-1 1/2 tsp
banana -1ripe
Discard the seeds of dates and crushed in grinder.Mix dates in hot milk/sieve flour and baking soda.Now mix the all ingredients in milk  and make smooth paste If It is thick add some more milk.Cut the banana in thin slices and mash it. Mix in the batter.Pour batter in baking dish.bake in microwave for 7 minutes.

Yummy cake is ready to eat
This award is pass on to me by GAYATHRI.Iam thankful to her that she include me in her friends list. i am really humbled.As u all know she has a wonderful space with many innovative recipes Uall must visit her blog
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plum cake;;....chrismas sepcial

this is  my 1st trial of this cake. result is fabulous but i think next time i will make a perfect i soak dry fruits in brandy for 4days. i took less brandy so if i get more cake is more delicious.

all purpose flour--2cup
mix soak dry fruits-1 1/2cups
sugar -1 cup
cinnamon powder-1/4 tsp
sugar 4tbsp
water-1/2 cup

butter or oil-3/4 cup
baking powder-1 1/2 tsp
baking soda-1tsp
vanilla essence-1tsp
sugar powder for dusting

Soak mix dry fruits in1 cup brandy i take plum, figs, walnut, almond ,dates ,raisins (black and green)cashew nuts and tuty fruity.i soak it 4days if . I think it is better to soak for more days.
heat a pan .add sugar when it melts and become brown add water.keep aside.
take sugar oil and eggs in a mixi jar and chunk it to make smooth . add vanilla essence.
sieve flour with baking powder&baking soda.

Add flour to the paste of eggs,sugar and oil..add caramel water to it
Mix well
 dust the dry fruit with flour and add to the cake mixture..
I bake it in microwave oven for 6 minutes
dust with sugar powder

ready to eat yummy cake

Friday, December 14, 2012

Phirni..........A Twist 15 minutes dessert

Here i did not use rice but carrot. this really a nice dessert in winter as we have lot of red carrots in this season
dry milk-2tbsp
 wash carrots. cut it and boil in pressure cooker for 2 whistle.leave it.when pressure release grind carrots into smooth paste.
boil milk in a pan. add sugar and dry milk. boil again for 2-3 minutes now add carrots paste.boil till nicely mix and thick paste.
garnish with almonds.i did not use any thing in it bec its taste is yummy and original
Ready to eat hot  phirni
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Indian sweets

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Barbeque Peas......winter sepcial

 This dish i saw on T.V.when i saw so easy and innovative recipe i can not resist myself to try it As the name of the dish it is not cook in is so simple with less ingredients. in winter season we have the best veg is fresh peas.i think every body like this veg in any form.this i hope this  dish is also like by u .though i tried for 1st time so i start with less quantity
green peas with shells----20
chat masala -2tsp
salt to taste
lemon juice-4tsp
Take fresh and peas with full of dana.
Peel the peas shell from one not take out the mattar dana.

Mix salt and chat masala .
Fill this masala in each shell.

Add little lemon juice to each shell
Pour little lemon juice on the top so that it will not dry
Microwave it for 30sec to 1 minute according to the tenderness of peas.
It is ready to eat .
Take whole piece and eat it Try it it is really yummy in winter season

Eat hot ......

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Only 15 Minutes.Breakfast......veggies rawa toast

Gift from Nita  Mehta for my winning recipe

bread-4 pieces
onion carrot,capsicum---1/2 cup chopped finely
green chili- 1
curd--1/2 cup
wheat rawa-3tbsp
coriander leaves
oil- 1tbsp
salt to taste

Mix veggies green chili curd,coriander leaves and salt in a bowl.spread this mixture on one side of bread.
heat non stick griddle or pan.apply little oil.First roast plain side of bread. Then flip other side .apply oil. roast on slow fire.when become brown and crispy it is ready to eat
Eat with green chutney or sauce.....

P:N u can use egg instead of curd
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India is a fascinating land of festivals where each festival  is celebrated with great enthusiasm.As now in this festive season diwali is celebrated.Diwali is such a festival which is celebrated by Hindu, Sikh ,Jain ,Buddhism and  in all parts of India..

 There are numerous customs and traditions associated with Diwali, namely, burning of crackers, playing cards, lightning of lamps, wearing new clothes, distribution of sweets, exchange of gifts etc.It means lot of shopping.

When i have to go for shopping one name come to my mind is SHOPPERS STOP.Shoppers stop has no need of introduction either in quality nor in price..It is big retail store with its branches all over India. I mostly do my shopping in Shoppers Stop in festival as there is a good variety of items and  huge amount of discount.
Here mostly discounted  apparel&and accessories. I have ensembled for whole family

As Diwali is started with Dhanteras in which we purchase  some metal,  so i start with gold coin of Laxmiji, though there are fine ornaments, which has discount of 31%  with gifts.

When you enter the mall I think we get to purchase from many well reputed brands with good stuff. Here i ensemble apparel%accessories for every one. As i have to look for my family, there is a whole lot of shopping under one roof.

These  ethnic outfits are perfect for young girls, Shoppers Stop has  wide range and  popular brands like Biba,Stop,Haute curry. I prefer haute curry brands as there is  10% flat discount on every dress.and i think no dress is perfect without accessories so i posted selected items. We feel overwhelmed here to select a few items from huge range of every thing.

I assemble different type of elegant  sarees for the festive which is not very costly and have suited for every age group.Fine jewellery  and other accessories are available  which suit with these outfits. here jewellery is free with pink kashish saree.

This traditional dress is gift to ur son or son-in-law or  husband for that particular festive  day it is perfect.

some people like only formal dress. Now winter is coming so in shoppers stop  new arrival of woolen stuff  is available.. so it is also  in our list.

we can not forget our kids, they in real sense enjoyed the festival. They are happy to wear new clothes with  different accessories.I see lot  of good stuff for kids here.

the cover's look is also changed after so many years. New  look with beautiful lady is perfect &attractive

All items here i  ensemble for whole family are mostly  in sale section so in this festive season have a perfect and more shopping with less money at SHOPPERS STOP
this post is for shoppers stop by indiblogger