Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gole Bajji.../manglore bajji....SNC challenge

this is 1st post after completing the one year of challenge . we enjoyed whole year with different and new dishes. i think we are thankful to the mastermind of this event Divya.this Goli Bajji/manglore bajji challenge is given by Priya. we all know the Priya with fastest cook and give everyday new and authentic dishes so no need of introduction. this recipes is new to me we make many types of snacks or appetizer but never this .so learn one more dish an add to my menu.thanks Priya i and my family enjoyed it with cup of tea.taste is super
I am the part of northindian group

besan-1/4 cup
curd-1/2 cup
coconut grated-2tbsp
baking soda-1/4 tsp
green chili-2
onion-1 finely cut
coriander leaves
salt to taste
oil for fry

mix maida ,besan,soda curd and salt in a bowl. leave it for 4-5 hours for fermentation

Add all the other ingredients in this batter and mix well

Heat oil and fry this bajji golden brown

Enjoy at tea time with sauce or chutney

sending to Priya SNC challenge

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

pasta stuffed triangle

  • when i saw this recipe in in shoba's blog  it looks very unique to me and think the best recipe  i try it today                                                              
Macroni-2cups boiled
shim la mirch-1 chopped in  thin length
potatoes-1/2 kg boiled
carrot-2 finely chopped
so ya sauce 2tsp
spring onion 125gm
green chilly-2 paste
garlic- 2tsp crushed
garam masala-1/2 tsp
salt to taste
here i used demonte macroni pasta

Heat oil in a pan add garlic and Green chilly paste.Then add onion capsicum and carrot till it tender.Add potato and  macroni into it.Add masala and salt .In the end add soya sauce mix it thoroughly.add processed cheese.
Garnished with coriander leaves


For the covering:
Bread crumbs - 1/cup
Coriander leaves . (finely chopped)
Caraway/ seeds - 1 tbsp
Salt-to taste
oil for shallow fry
Boil the potatoes and mash them. Let it cool and then add all the above mentioned ingredients. Set aside.

1. Spread a plastic sheet  on the  kitchen platform.

2. Sprinkle a handful of bread crumbs. Take half of the prepared mashed potato. Pat it with the hand into a round shape about half inch thick.

3. Similarly make another one of the same size.

4. Spread the  macroni filling on it and carefully.spread cheese on it. lift the plastic sheet to place the other one on top of it.

5. Press it again with the palm to make it firm and even.

5. Cut into triangles..
6. Sprinkle bread crumbs on top.

7. heat non stick griddle and fry the triangles both sides

serve with sauce



Saturday, November 9, 2013

khandvi....celebration post SNC

Khandvi is Gujarati delicacy made using Gram Flour/Chickpea Powder and flavoured with tempering of pungent mustard, spicy green chillies, sweet coconut grates and aromatic coriander leaves.
cograts to Divya and whole team of SNCfor compeletin one year. during this period we learn many new recipes and enjoy the event and many new blogger friend. this is celebration post.i like khandvi so cook here which is given by Hetal Acharya. this my versio of khandvi
i am from northindian group

gram flour-1cup
turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
green chilly-2-3
coriander leaves
coconut grated-1/4 cup
curry patta-6
mustered seeds-1/4tsp
salt to taste
Mix water and curd and make water milk.Add gram flour and salt to the watermilk.Make a smooth thin paste.
Add the batter to kadai and Put on fire. let it boiled till it leaves the sides of kadai.

Never apply oil on the back of the thali.  Pour the batter on it.Spread evenly and thin layer.Spread coriander leaves and coconut on top of the spread batter.

Now divide in 3" and roll it softly.

                                      Rolled piece

Heat oil in a pan add mustered seeds and Curry patta when crackled add green chilly and pour on the khandvi
sprinkle coconut

Eat with green  chutney or sauce.

sending to Priya SNC challenge

Monday, October 21, 2013

Mysore pak......SNC celebration post

this is the celebration post the challenge started by Divya. whole year we tried the recipes of southindian group.i am thankful to mastermind of this event Divya .we enjoyed it very much. this challenge is given by Divya pPrkash.sha has a wonderful i try the recipe of mysore pak bec it is the festival season and we make many different type sweets. it is my fav sweet from south.i make it in different style it is easy and hope like by u all
i am  from northindian group

ghee-1cup( 3/4 in besan&1/4when frying)
water 1/4 cup.
pinch of orange color

As we know that if we make with fresh besan it taste  more.In this recipe i make one change.I took chana dal and fry dry on low fire. when nice aroma came cool it and grind it in the mixi.sieve it so fine powder will come out.And i used this powder which make the pak simple easy to make. taste is super.
frst grease the tray or in which u set ur dish.Now mix ghee, besan and color .Mix well there should be no lump.
Heat water in a pan .Add sugar bring it to boil .Make one string consistency.Add besan to it fry on very slow fire.In between add left ghee little by little.When it becomes thick and leave the pan and gether all switch off gas. . Immediately spread on the tray.set it plain and thickness as u like for its pieces.When cool and set cut into ur desired pieces.
this yummy pak is ready to eat.!!!!!!!!!!
sending to Priya SNC challenge

Sunday, October 20, 2013

peas kachori.....celebration post

.  peas kachori on SNC  challenge of southindian groupgiven by Sanoli.
i am from northindian group

green peas dana-1cup
green chili-1
garlic--2-3 pods
cumminseeds-1/2 tsp
gaaram masala-1/4 tsp
hing-pinch of
salt to taste

wheat flour -2cups
all purpose flour-1/2 cup
salt to taste
oil-for fry

Grind peas with chili garlic coarsly.

mix dry masalas in it

Knead the atta to soft dough.

Make small balls and roll on rolling board not very thin

Now fill the peas batter in centre
Gether all sides of chapati

Now roll again .

Heat oil in a krahi and fry kachori on low fire till done

the beast match of kachori is alloo.
Serve hot kachori with alloo  ,raita and pickle

sending to Priya SNC challenge

sending tosamayaldairy event  eat vegetable&stay healthy

Thursday, October 3, 2013

a fusion dessert....Beetroot Mousse


  • Beetroot, diced and boiled till very soft
  • 1/3 cup Cashewnuts, soaked in water
  • 1/ 4 cup Almonds, soaked in water and peeled
  • 1/2 cup Condensed milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
  • 1 tablespoon of Whipped cream (optional)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Gelatine, soked in water


  1. Once the beets are soft, drain them well (you can reserve the liquid for soup or other uses).
  2. Place the drained beets and remaining ingredients in a high speed blender and blend until perfectly smooth.
  3. Add 1 tbsp cream to this paste. Fold lightly. Add gelatine. Mix well. Refrigerate for one night.
  4. Serve cold with coconut or cream on top

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Ellu poorna kozhukattai...SNC CHELLANGE

this is another month of trying southindian dish. this recipe i want to try but affraid wether i make it or not. i try my best but it does not come out perfectly. i am thankful toVirunthu Unna Vaanga Vijiarmaraj  for sharing this recipe . as she has a wonderful space with different recipes and mostly southindian recipes are super. i think every one visit her blog and see the good collection of recipes. we never forget the master mind behind this challenge Divya
i am the part of northindian group

rice flour-1cup
salt pinch of
seas am seeds-1/4 cup
coconut powder-1/4 cup
jaggery-i cup
green cardamon-1/2 tsp

roast seasam seeds . here i used white seasam seeds bec i did not find black til.grind half the seeds and half used as it is.heat 1 tbsp water add jaggery to it. when boil stain it in stainer so impurities are left. again put on fire add coconut when jaggery becomes forthy on top switch off the fire and seas am seeds and green cardamon powder. mix well and cool it
boil 1cup water with oil and salt. add this water to rice flour and knead a smooth dough.
leave it for 15 minutes.
make small balls. flatten on ur palms and make small chapati. fill the filling in centre and fold other side .seal all the sides. we can make it like modak
now take a idli tray and steamed for 10-12 minutes in steamer
serve hot......

sending to SNC challenge

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fresh methi leaves pulav

basmati rice-2cups
methi leaves-1 bunch
tej patta-1
green peas--boiled 1/2 cup
carrot-2 cut finely
onion-1 cut into length
green chili-1
oil -2tbsp

clean and wash methi and cut it finely.soak rice for 1/2 an hour
heat oil in pan .add tejpatta and zeera(cumminseeds). when crackled add onion .saute for 2 minutes.add methi and green chili ,peas and carrot fry for add rice and water. when boiled slow the fire and cover it cook till done.
it is one pot meal eat with pickle or curd