Sunday, March 24, 2013

Crispy Chana Dal Fingers.......snack

As in Jan challenge we had to make vada curry. i make steam vada using spinach in it .some vadas left i make this crispy snacks from that it is fat free and i think liked by every one. try it.

bengalgram dal--1cup
garlic--2-3 cloves
green chili-1
fennel seeds-1/2 tsp
spinach-1 small bunch
baking soda-pinch of
oil -1tsp
salt to taste
oil for fry

Soak dal overnight.squeeze all the water and all the ingredients of vada except spinach.Grind it and add spinach to it .mix well.make small ball and flatten it. steam it in the idly cooker.cut it into small long pieces pieces.

Heat non stick tawa and apply little oil shallow fry

eat hot with green chutney or sauce with cup of tea......

Me.....My daughter.....&Dove

Thanks to the dove for reviving our memories of childhood and further about our children. Every home there are girls the problem of hair is must and we need perfect solution to hairs.In our older days there are not much product as we see today. lot of products with different solution. I think the most revolution is in hair therapy.My mom used oil for messaging hair and after washing the hair oil is apply to hairs so that they do not become dry. when going to college i used oil before washing the hair. if at that time hair is not growing it means the end is splitting.and i cut the hair from the growing and after marriage my daughter had long hair. as Indian beauty is in hairs so did not want to cut the hair she had long braids. but after  going to different places for studies with different whether she did not cop-up with hairs and forced to cut it in short.she even could not bind as pony tail.I felt very sorry for her. dove has introduced many shampoo and conditioner which help her to grow long hair.she again enjoy the to bind beautiful braids.
this new product  Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo i is boom for every girl .I am thankful to dove by using this shampoo  make possible to have beautiful gives the proper nourishmentto hairs to grow properly

Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo

this post is for dove

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hydrabadi Vegetable Biryani......SNC chellenge

This is my third  SNC challenge started by Divya.i am thankful to Divya who makes  efforts to unite many bloggeres and create new ideas to make this event successful. this month challenge is from Swasthi, hydrabadi vegetable biryani,to northindians. I like the challenge. she explain the recipe very nicely. I visit 1st time on her blog and find wonderful space. she has very tasty  yummy dishes  recipes .so visit her log and enjoy the delicious food. The southindian group has to make chickpea burfi or halwa from Kirti .I like this group very much as all the members are very close to each other and visited every blog which i see nowhere..i have a suggestion if we all follow each others blog so that do not miss the recipes of other friends
                                Here i use soya nugget with vegetables which give the flavour of chicken or mutton. it is healthy also.

basmati rice-2cups
soya nugget-1cups
carrot-1/2 cup
peas-1/2 cup
beans-1/2 cup
green chili
bay leaves-12
big cardamon--5-6
green cardamon-2-3
black pepper-1/2 tsp
biryani masala-1/2 tsp
saffron-1/2 tsp soak in water
cashew nut--2-3 tbsp
coriander leaves
mint leaves

Wash rice and boil in excess water. when 2/3 done separate the excess water and spread it on a cloth so there is not any steam.
Take pan and heat ghee. add all the dry whole masalas. when splutter biryani masalas.mix well.add all the vegetables and little water cover it till all veggies are done.

now assemble for biryani. i make it in the microwave which is very easy to cook.
take microwave dish add half vegetables and curd . microwave for 2-3 minutes on high.take out the spread rice on it. after that spread fried onions and then minit and coriander again spread veggies and then rice. after that spread onion and green sprinkle saffron water. cover it with cling film.
microwave for 6-8 is ready to eat.

Eat with raita or green chutney and pickle

sending to Swasthi  SNC CHELLENGE

I am from north Indian group
i am happy to share with my friends awards received from Divya this is from the month of Jan but i forgot to add this. i am thankful to Divya and feel honoured

The other award is for the event 60 days of chrismas Divya orgnised in OCT to  DEc i recieved this for the best soup.thank u Divya