Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blackgram(black cheakpea) curry

As we know that black grams are rich in minerals and vitamin This is known as horse's food so we can imagine how nutritious value in it.
black gram-200gm
onion-2 finely chopped
ginger garlic paste-1tbsp
tomato puree-2tbsp
turmeric powder-1/2 tsp
red chili powder-1/2 tsp
coriander powder-1tsp
garam masala-1/4 tsp
salt to taste
coriander leaves
potato-1 cut into small pieces

soak chana overnight.pressure cook it with its water and little salt for 15 minutes.
heat oil in a pan and fry onion when transparent add ginger garlic fry till rawness of garlic gone.add beasan and fry it for 2 minutes.add all the masalas except garam masala and fry.add tomato puree fry till leaves the sides of add this masala to pressure cooker and mix it well with boiled chana.add potato to it. pressure cook it for ten minutes on slow the lid and add gram masala. garnish with coriander leaves
Eat with chapati or rice!!!!!!!
using beasan enhance the taste of curry.

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  1. Looks so delicious,spicy and yummy curry..perfect with chapatis.

  2. Looks like a nice spicy gravy..would crave to have it with rava dasa....

  3. I love these type of lentils...for sure I will try your curry.....Delicious!!....Abrazotes, Marcela

  4. Healthy and delicious too :)

  5. Thats a healthy one.. We usually add ground coconut in this..

  6. Looks tempting. We haven't tried any curries using blackgrams. Happy to know abt this.


  7. Looks yummy to dip in bread and a very healthy version curry.

  8. Santoshji, is black gram whole urad dal or kala chana? The curry looks GOOD!!

  9. Lovely color ~ looks so spicy n fantastic! Loved your version Santoshji :)
    US Masala

  10. Dear Santosh
    Simply awesome...I note the finer aspect of this recipe..a bit of besan...will surprise my wife with this dish soon.
    Have a nice day

  11. An awesome side dish with rotis...using besan is new to me...will try using it

  12. Wowww.. Delicious looking dish.. Simply inviting dear.

  13. Black gram is new to me...the dish looks so delicious.

  14. This looks lke a great recipe - black chickpeas are something new to me, but perhaps I can find them in the shops....

  15. Perfect for rot's..Looks vibrant

  16. Perfect curry .. I have not used black chickpeas a lot. Looks yummy.

    Event: Fast food not Fat food

  17. Delicious n yummy lentils curry...looks awesome.

  18. Such a healthy and delicious curry looks perfect.

  19. delicious,spicy and yummy curry

  20. very healthy and delicious recipe.. Looks too good.. love the preparation :)
    Indian Cuisine

  21. I love chickpea curry, never had the black one though. Sounds yummy. :)

  22. thank you for linking this delicious curry flavourful

  23. hi santosh ... i found your site today on petit chef ... the presentation is lovely ... the first recipe i read was for keema koftas ... i wanted to try it but you gave no indication of how much water in the pressure cooker with keema and dahl ... so i moved on to the next one ... which was kala channa ... the photo makes it look so mouth watering! although for good health reasons i would reduce the amount of ghee/ oil to at least half ... but here again ... there was no instruction about how much water to put in when cooking the channa! Also i have done much research on dahls and beans ... it is necessary to throw out water they are soaking in and then rinsed also ... because all the starches etc that you are trying to remove by soaking, are in the water. so fresh water is important. anyways, i hope if i stay tuned to your site, these 2 recipes might include instructions of water amounts, in the future. i really want to try them... and thanks for all your hard work.

  24. oh and santosh ... i just posted ... from anonymous above ... the kala channa also doesn't say how much oil/ghee you used ... i just know i would reduce by looking at the photo ... as there is alot of fat swimming on the top. hope you don't mind my feedback.thanks again.