Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Chocolate fudge Top-up with dessicated coconut


If we want something quick this  this fudge is the solution.
This fudge has an extremely simple with few ingredients, procedure and all it requires is a little bit of patience.
Coconut top makes it divine.

Dark chocolate-1cup
Unsalted butter-2tbls
Condensed milk-175mg
Dry milk-1tbls
2-3tblsCondensed milk-

1/2cup desiccated coconut

1/4cup dried walnut crused

1/4 cups almond crushed


Grease your pan with butter and line it with parchment paper with handles on two sides. Set this aside.
Set a double boiler and melt your chocolate while stirring it occasionally. Once all chunks are melted, take it off the heat.
In the same bowl add in condensed milk and melted butter. Combine everything really well. You will soon have a thick mixture.
Pour in all the fudge mixture into your prepared pan. 
Coconut top
Combine remaining condensed milk, almond,,walnuts and coconut in a bowl.
Spread over chocolate base and then sprinkle with extra coconut. 
Refrigerate this for 3-4 hour or until completely set.
Cut into desired shape and enjoy


  1. Chocolate fudge with coconut topping looks absolutely delectable. A fab treat for chocolate lovers like me. It is so easy to make. Would love to Try this recipe sometime.

  2. Wonderful recipe for the fudge with nuts. I love the topping with dessicated coconut and the classic dark and light presentation.

  3. This chocolate fudge top is a quick and easy recipe. Children will surely enjoy. Desiccated coconut enhances the flavors of this fudge. Will try this soonest.

  4. Delicious and easy to make dessert. Lovely topping makes it extra delicious

  5. absolutely a kids delight with chocolate and coconut combo there! quick n easy fudge too

  6. Looks absolutely delicious. I am not a chocolate lover but your recipe looks so easy to make so i am saving it for try.

  7. Looks absolutely delicious. I am not a chocolate lover but your recipe looks so easy to make so i am saving it to try.

  8. Chocolate Fudge topped with dessicated coconut and nuts sounds absolutely delish. Very easy to make and would please any chocolate lover. Perfect for gifting also.

  9. Chocolate Fudge topped with dessicated coconut and nuts looks absolutely delicious and very easy to make. Perfect chocolate treat for all generation!

  10. Chocolate fudge topped with desiccated coconut looks absolutely delicious. A treat for dessert lover..

  11. Who can resist this delightful chocolate dessert! Love the combination of chocolate with desiccated coconut. The fudge looks absolutely Delish !

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