Monday, August 30, 2010

Besan&Methi[fenugreek] Leaves Paratha

Fenugreek leaves are enriched with minerals like Potassium, Calcium, and Iron. One hundred grams of fenugreek leaves comprise only 49 calories. The leaves have good dietary fiber and are enriched with Vitamin C. The Vitamin K from fenugreek greens are comparable to spinach.

Methi Leaves Plant . Grow your own. It is easily grown in a pot. It is organic and free from pesticides.


Gram flour - 2cups

Wheat flour - 1 cups

Methi leaves - 1bunch

Green chilly - 1[optional]

Garlic- 2-3 pods

Salt to taste

Onion -1 small


Grind methi leaves,onion, green chilly and garlic coarsely. Mix all the ingredients in both flours and make soft dough. Make balls and roll on the rolling board. Smear oil/ghee and make any shape with layers. Shallow fry on a flat pan.When it is done, put some butter on the pratha. It is ready to eat .

Serve with curd, butter or chutny.

Kids will definitely relish it.

Gram flour has the cleasning properties. Mix with curd and apply on the face, works as a bleach also.


Fry 2 tbsp gram flour in 1 tbsp of pure ghee .When fried, add 1 glass milk and sugar and boil it. Consume hot before sleeping. It will give relief from cold. I have tried it myself and it is very effective. Also, it is very yummy too. Kids will enjoy this....

sending to Kaveri started by Juli EP series-fenugreek leaves &green chillies


  1. My favourite parathas. Yumm!

  2. This paratha is our family the butter on top..yummy yum!!

  3. this paratha looks yum ! thnx for sharing the tip for cold..sounds interesting

  4. looks yummy..and thanks for the tip,its really useful...

  5. The picture of the methis leaves is very nice, and I have not yet tried making this with besan,but heard,sounds good!

  6. wow these paraths looks very delicious ,never tried this combo ...very inviting click dear ...thanks for the tip too


  7. nice one...thanks for participating

  8. You have a lovely space. This paratha sounds delicious.

  9. Hi Santhosh,

    yummy parathas!!!i love them!!!


  10. yummy
    lovely tip for cold
    we apply ghee on the neck and chest

  11. Interesting paratha, those methi leaves looks sooo cute..

  12. Oh, I love the sound of this...I have been on the hunt for fenugreek lately, and I haven't been able to find it around me. Thank you so much for sharing this with GYO this month! =)

  13. Those look really good. I have fenugreek seeds but no leaves around. I'll need to check the local Indian grocer in the neighbourhood.