Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sunsilk Perfect Sraight

Thanks for reciveing the sunsilk shampoo and conditioner. i used it and realy see the difference.after shampoo and conditioner my hair it is totally looking smooth and straight for the 1st time. As i have little curly hair and become messyand difficult to comb but after washing with sunsilk shampoo i comb my hair with no time before it takes too much time  .Though after dry it is not as straight as in wet hair but it is not so curly.  i am senior citizen ,i used sunsilk shampoo in my teenage as in that pierod it is the best shampoo. but after that there is crowd of many brands. now i used only natural shampoo which has no chemicales.i used this shampoo after many years but i think it is truely  perfect according to its slogan. it suited to my hair bec i have a combing problem every time.I recomend my all FB friends to use it and straighting ur hair witout using any instrumentor going to beauti parlour.
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